The main Beingthegaffer site has been launched. Registration is now much better organised. All those who have recieved their login details, login and check your player information. The forum is open so take a look and also don’t forget to vote in the poll. Anyone who hasn’t yet been approved or hasn’t received their login details, we’ll sort this asap.

Rich and Chris 


Latest update…

I’m sure you’re all eager to know how things are progressing with beingthegaffer, so here’s a quick update. Firstly had a night off last night first for a while, got the email problem sorted first (phew). After the initial success since putting the registaration form live we have been working flat out in both designing the actual site and working out how to use the data from FM. If anyone has experience in designing mods for FM then please let us know, we’d like to speak to you.

The main BTG site is at a testing stage now and will be launched for all to see at the end of this week, (we hope). Work will then begin on assigning the players to teams (we will try and do this live somehow) and then we have to get both the Domingo Saints and Lyndhurst Wanderers website ready to launch. In all there will be 3 sites to see, although most people who are not included in either of the main teams will be using the Beingthegaffer main page.  Aswell as all this we will be entering you guys into FM and actually playing the game.

There will be a post about the FM game up soon aswell as a guide to the whole BTG project.

Keep coming back for more updates.

Anyone who registered on the website, from 9PM last night (16th April), could you please re-register yourself as the emails which came through to us after that time were blank and as a result all player details were not processed. There were a lot of emails so you can imagine how worried I was. The problem has now been fixed (by myself) so could you please re-register on the website .

Once again we’re really sorry but these things happen. Houston we had a problem!



Calling all future journalists. Beingthegaffer are looking for people who would like to become journalists and write articles for our virtual newspaper. If you are interested and have a bit of free time to give then contact

We are not looking for professionals just someone who is interested in contributing to

We are working very hard to get the beingthegaffer site up and running. The pages that are present on the domain are just a temporary basic website so that we could give you guys a place to register. The actual website we are hoping to launch this week. While not all features will be available, there will be a more improved registration system and a integrated forum for everyone to view, although only registered users may post. This means that visitors who do not wish to take part in the interactive side can still look and post (if registered) in the forums. We are looking at the end of this week to have the site up but as usual in these matters, it may be delayed.

As you can probably imagine, there is a lot of work still to be done to get this whole project going and we want to make sure it’s up to scratch with what the FM scene has to offer at the moment. Work will be starting on the team websites this week aswell. It’s getting exciting around here!!  


Here is the logo which we will be using for Being the Keep checking the blog as we will announcing more details about BTG this week.


Please be aware that if you have registered with the website, you will be recieving a login user name and password. These will be used to login to the main site when it is revealed later this week.

 Please check your emails because without this username and password you won’t be able to take part. Users using hotmail accounts and yahoo accounts may have to check their junk folder.

 Please remember to keep visiting the site for updates and thanks for  registering at

 Dont forget to check your email for your username and password

We have had a few people who have registered but have only given us their name. Unless you don’t mind your player having randomly generated statistics then please fill out the forms completely. This helps us to give you a more interactive experience.


Here’s the link It’s FREE and allows you to join this exciting FM experience.

Ok, so you’ve entered your details and registered at Being the Gaffer but what now? Well..we will contact you with options for your players stats. We have tried to make this project as interactive as possible for any visitor and a way we have thought of achieving it is by allowing the player to have some influence over their player’s stats.

We could have just set everything to random, as the original Being the Boss website but for this version we wanted to allow players a sense of influence. You must understand that it will not allow your player to have a maximum in a certain atribute but you will be able to improve your stats a small percentage.

Still with me? OK, Any person who registers will recieve an email, (as soon as possible) and that email will have a hidden link, where they can choose to specify a set amount of attributes in each area they can improve.

Remember to register to take part, thanks go to all who have registered already.

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